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Lol, sucks to your ass-mar...

But really, it does. The guy I have a crush on is totally oblivious. Maybe I should just come out and tell him, but then again, I don't want to...I dunno why...I do and I don't. Oh well. Maybe I'm just not flirting hard enough? Mayhaps not.

Aside from drowning last night, it was great.

In case you don't know, yes you can drown and not die. Drowning is actually the taking in of water into the lungs. So Nya!

Yeah. Thats maybe like, the second time I've drowned before, but that was because of my cough or whatever, the other time I got a whole bunch of seawater in my lungs and It was crappy and I didn't get well until after the vacation. Sucked SO BAD.

Oh yeah. I have Math and Brit lit homework, as well as Chemistry. I suppose I should get to it, nee?

Nah. I'll wait till like, Monday night at 10 Pm to even start to think about it. HAH!

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I know how you feel about the whole crush situation. By the way, I'm Lauren Kays, we had health together last year, remember me?..
Oooh, yes yes... You sat behind me, did you not? And you have that uber cool kitty purse! mwah!
I might have sat behind you..I know I sat in your row! ^_^ I just can't remember..
Ass-mar!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Good freshmen times.
One more thing, would you mind it If I added you to my friends list?
Lol yes, indeed Kristen. XD

Oh, and add away...Ill add you too ^^