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BeoWulf Essay....

I sit here listening to the Ever-Wonderful X Japan, just killin time...Waiting for my mom to get home so we can go to books-a-million so I can stalk Joseph Anzulovich out of pure boredom. MAybe Curiousity too. Oh well. Yes, I know what I'm getting into.

In fact, he threatened to glomp me teh other day. Methinks I should rethink el expedition.


What's the worst he could do? >.> Don't answer that.

TOO LATE TOO LATE....something something...I forget....

GAME IS OVER GAME IS OVER...more..japanese lyrics I forget...

*jams out to Miscast no Connexion*

Oh yeah. Beowulf essay due monday. On whether the epic is mainly Pagan or Mainly Christian.

I say pagan.

- Lindz
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